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What are complementary and holistic forms of therapy?

Holistic methods are used by mental health professionals who believe their clients would benefit from more non-traditional treatments in addition to standard practices. These integrative methods combine traditional and non-traditional practices as a means of providing a more comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for those seeking mental health care. ​


At Intuitive Counseling we offer a variety of methods that can help with emotional healing.

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Alejandra Jimenez (Taylor)

I am eager to help anyone that is ready to change their life.

Alejandra has over 8 years of experience with holistic and alternative therapies with children and adults. She helps her clients heal, transform, and modify human behaviors and emotions with a variety of methods:

Deep meditation with sound healing

Deep meditation combined with sound healing can be a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. The soothing, rhythmic sounds of instruments like singing bowls, forks, or chimes can help induce a deeply relaxed, meditative state. In this tranquil state, the mind becomes calm and receptive, allowing you to let go of stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns.


The vibrations of the sounds can also have a profound effect on the body, helping to balance energy flow and promote cellular regeneration. Many people report feelings of deep peace, emotional release, and even spiritual insights during these meditation sessions. Over time, the regular practice of deep meditation with sound healing can help reduce symptoms of conditions like depression, insomnia, and chronic pain, while enhancing overall wellbeing and clarity of mind. The combination of focused inward attention and the therapeutic vibrations create a synergistic effect that can be truly transformative for the mind, body, and spirit.

Family constellations

Here is a brief paragraph explaining family constellations to your clients: Family constellations is a powerful therapeutic approach that helps uncover and resolve deep-seated issues within the family system.


The premise is that we are all shaped by the unresolved dynamics, traumas, and entanglements of our family lineage, often unconsciously. In a constellation session, a trained facilitator guides you through a structured process of representing your family members using other participants or objects. This allows you to gain surprising insights into how your family history may be impacting your current life and relationships. Family constellations can reveal hidden loyalties, ancestral burdens, and toxic patterns that have been passed down through generations. By bringing these dynamics to light, the process creates the opportunity for healing, resolution, and a release from the invisible forces that have been influencing your life. Many people find family constellations to be a profound and transformative experience.

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