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Adolescent Counseling in Miami

Are you concerned about your teen? Would you like support for them related to your divorce or joint custody, school, friendships, emotions or family issues? 


Our adolescent practice is dedicated to the mental health and emotional well-being of middle and high school students, ages 12-18. We provide adolescent therapy and parent consultation.


When young people, parents and us put our heads together, we often find ways to make things better.

Our clients include teenagers who:

- Have parents going through or who have gone through separation or divorce

- Feel worried, anxious, stressed or sad

- Are having issues at school such as anxiety, learning differences, perfectionism, challenges with academic pressure or social issues

- Would like more friends, closer friends or better friends

- Have experienced something stressful, difficult or traumatic

Nurture Their Emotional Well-Being

We all want to see young people happy, learning with enthusiasm, pursuing their strengths and enjoying positive relationships. Family, friends, school and community all contribute to a young person's emotional health and well-being.


Therapy adds another layer of support. It provides encouragement for your child’s development of communication skills and healthy social relationships. It reinforces the message that her thoughts and feelings are important, and that talking it about challenges is a healthy way to cope with them. Young people often appreciate the chance to speak about what's on their minds in private with a non-judgmental adult outside their family.


Counseling helps young people communicate and manage feelings more skillfully, strengthen relationships and navigate challenging experiences. These skills serve them at home, at school and with friends. When it works well, family members share the benefits of a child or adolescent's therapy.

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