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What are complementary and holistic forms of therapy? 

Holistic methods are used by mental health professionals who believe their clients would benefit from more non-traditional treatments in addition to standard practices. These integrative methods combine traditional and non-traditional practices as a means of providing a more comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for those seeking mental health care. 

At Intuitive Counseling we offer a variety of methods that can help with emotional healing. 



Alejandra has over 8 years of experience with holistic and alternative therapies with children and adults. She helps her clients heal, transform, and modify human behaviors and emotions with a variety of methods:

Sound Therapy

Music has calming properties and can impact our emotions. Music can reduce anxiety, stress, and other uncomfortable mental and physical issues. For instance, when people listen to pleasant music the brain's reward pathways are stimulated resulting in positive feelings.



Astrology is an ancient tool used to observe information about life. It can help clients understand their own personalities and their behaviors. Alejandra studied astrology for the past 4 years at Universidad Clandestina de Astrologia with professor Tito Macia, from Spain. She hosted an Astrology marathon here in Miami in 2020 with Tito M.  She also created groups with Ruke Foundation teaching basic astrology back in 2020. 


Alejandra started studying the Tarot at the age of 18. She has practiced with them ever since. Alejandra has used the cards as a tool to answer her own questions about life and to help her connect to spirituality. While studying Astrology, Alejandra continued to study Tarot cards at a deeper level.


Alejandra Jimenez (Taylor)

I am eager to help anyone that is ready to change their life.

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